Meteor is an aspiring game studio and development agency on Roblox dedicated to provide our users with the utmost enjoyment in our Roblox experiences.

As of now, the team behind Meteor Game Studios consists of over 30 employees, each with their own goals and skills. These talented individuals are those who have their hands on the steering wheel, improving the studio and our experiences.

The ultimate goal of our studio is to create innovative, unique and creative experiences for users of all ages and from all over the world to enjoy.

Meteor develops and publishes games in many different genres, such as simulators, action and fighting games, strategy games and social games. We aim to create games which numerous different audiences will find enjoyable.

Do you wish to work in an imaginative, creative and ambitious environment? Learn more about our career opportunities on our careers page.


Right now, Meteor is in the process of creating our first Roblox experience, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.


Meteor has a team of over 30 talented developers and employees, based all across the globe!

Caden ScottChief Executive Officer
The ArchitectOperations Manager
MidnightificTechnical Director
CommanetTechnical Director
William KaddinCreative Director
FrenzyyAeternaCreative Director
NovalMarketing Manager
WolvesBusiness Advisor
metatablecatGameplay Programmer
AbcreatorGameplay Programmer
ValiantWindGameplay Programmer
metamethodsGameplay Programmer
HaydenGameplay Programmer
AlexSoftware Engineer
TrevorJoey Map Designer


If you need to get in touch with us, please reach out to us through Twitter or Discord


We are constantly looking for new faces to join our ever-expanding team! You can find a list of open positions below.